Travel Deals in the In-Between Holiday Time

Beach locations are a nice place to get travel deals during off peak seasons.

Merry Thanksmas! Start a new family tradition AND grab some sweet travel deals.

Missed your Spring Break or summer vacation because of COVID-19? Check out these tips to grab GREAT travel deals for your next family vacation.

Go off-peak for bigger savings. The days right before and right after major holidays tend to be the busiest and most expensive. So opt for off-peak and you can save considerably, sometimes 25-50% off. A great time to take advantage of low rates and find great travel deals are the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as the week after New Year’s Day. 

Beach locations are a nice place to get travel deals during off peak seasons.

If you have some flexibility with your holiday plans — or if you have adventurous family members who would love to establish a new tradition of spending time together — put me on the hunt for some fabulous off-peak travel deals by clicking here to schedule your free 30-min over the phone Vacation Planning Session.

Off-peak travel deals also apply to destinations, not just travel times. Consider this advice from Tim Leffel, author of The World’s Cheapest Destinations:

Cities that regularly host conventions can be good places to find last-minute hotel deals over the holidays. Sometimes you can find a last-minute deal in cities like Orlando or Las Vegas just because there are so many hotels to fill and no conventions going on (at this time of year).

Locations where conventions are held are nice places to get travel deals during off peak times.

And for beachside lounging, don’t limit yourself to Florida. Consider sandy (and cheaper) spots in other warm destinations along the Georgia and Texas coastlines, including towns like Tybee Island near Savannah and Galveston. Many hotel rooms in Galveston sell at or below $100 per night in November and December.

Consider a vacation rental. Especially at resorts, prices can be as steep as the slopes. If you’re willing to drive a few extra minutes, you can often rent a larger space for much cheaper. There are hot travel deals available on luxury apartments, homes, condos, and cottages. Other advantages: your own space, more room for larger families or groups, no noisy hotel patrons to keep you up. For help scouting out the perfect space for your family or group, schedule a phone chat with me by replying to this email.

Don’t rule out Europe for a pre- or post-holiday escape. Travel Channel author Valerie Connors says, “During the winter, roundtrip flights to Europe can be as much as 20% cheaper than during summer months, when hordes of travelers descend on popular European cities like Paris, London and Rome. In winter these same cities can be blissfully quiet, with short or no lines to enter major attractions like the Louvre or St. Peter’s Basilica.” Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

European locations are nice places to get travel deals during off peak seasons.

Working with a travel professional is one of the best ways to get great travel deals for your dream family vacation!  I would love to help you plan your perfect getaway. Schedule your complimentary 30-minute over the phone Vacation Planning Session with me today. 

Leah Goerke, Travel Agent

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