5 Safest Caribbean Islands: Part 5 – Trinidad and Tobago

Two islands, two very different vibes, and multicultural traditions make up Trinidad and Tobago. Located just shy of 7 miles north of the Venezuelan coast, Trinidad is industrialized, commercialized, and the most populous of the two islands. Tobago is 21 northeast of Trinidad and is largely unspoiled and teeming with abundant wildlife and lush vegetation.

The home of the Trinbagonians is one of the five safest Caribbean destinations highlighted by Let’s Get Checked, a health insights firm, in their September 2020 study Wrath of the Diseases. Check out my blog at caribbeanfamilycruises.com for info on the other 4 destinations: Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Martin/Sint Maarten, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

If you want excitement and a vibrant nightlife, Trinidad is your place. If you are looking for tranquility and escape, head over to Tobago. Or split your time enjoying both! Let’s dive into my top five reasons to go to Trinidad and Tobago.

1.  Carnival. Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival is second only to Rio’s pre-Lenten celebration. Proud Trinbagonians showcase calypso and steel pan music, colorful feathered costumes, and dancing in a week-long party before Ash Wednesday. You do not want to miss this iconic celebration if planning a trip to Trinidad.

2.  Port of Spain. So…where do you start to experience the excitement of Carnival? Port of Spain, the country’s capital vibrates with the sounds of steel pan bands, singing, and celebration. The best hotels, restaurants and bars on the island are located here, and everyone caters to visitors who want to immerse themselves in Carnival. The morning after spend time enjoying the peace and quiet of the National Museum and Art Gallery, and Royal Botanical Gardens. On your way to see the less hectic northern part of the islands, spend some time on Maracas Bay, Trinidad’s most popular beach.

3.  Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge. Already experienced Carnival and returning to see the incredibly diverse natural beauty of Trinidad? Start with the Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge. This tranquil place is located high in the rainforest hills of northern Trinidad. The center is a world-famous birdwatching locale where guests can marvel at over 150 species of birds including the stunning scarlet ibis. Guests can stay overnight at the lodge, a converted colonial great house or opt for a day tour.

4.  Speyside. Combine birdwatching above the waters and snorkeling or diving amid massive coral reef formations at Speyside on Tobago. Do not miss hanging out with the iconic scarlet ibis and observing leatherback turtles nesting on the beach or swimming in the sea. Approaching Speyside on the Scarborough road will give you a great view of this quaint colorful village. Little Tobago, an islet just off the coast and one of the Caribbean’s main seabird sanctuaries, can also be seen along this route.

5. Tobago Forest Reserve. Marked by a huge rock, the entrance to this preserve is just off a scenic road in the northern part part of Tobago. The forest is the oldest protected rainforest in the Western Hemisphere and provides a great variety of majestic trees and lush vegetation. A hike through the reserve requires a guide.  

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