5 Stunning U.S. Caribbean Destinations – Part 1: St. Thomas

Did you know that you can escape to the Caribbean even with the latest CDC travel requirements? There are five destinations that travelers can go to without needing a negative COVID-19 test before returning to the U.S. I’ll be spotlighting these wonderful Caribbean destinations for the next 5 blog posts. These tropical locales are exempt because they are either part of the U.S. or a U.S. territory.

Our first tropical paradise is St. Thomas, the most visited destination in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and busiest cruise port in the Caribbean. Start with the Skyride to Paradise Point up Flag Hill. You’ll be rewarded with breath taking views of the bay in Charlotte Amalie, the capital. Here are five more must sees and dos while you are visiting St. Thomas.

1.  Magens Bay. Frequently noted as the world’s ten best beaches by travel bloggers, magazines, and other destination specialists, Magens Bay is a must see in St. Thomas. To avoid the crowds, stroll down to either end of this u-shaped bay. Don’t forget to save an hour or two to visit Magens Bay Arboretum before leaving the area. 

2.  Duty-free Shopping. St. Thomas’ free trade status is why Charlotte Amalie is a destination of choice for bargain hunters. Boutiques featuring souvenirs, jewelry, gemstones, designer bags, clothing, alcohol, and other favorites are tucked away in remodeled Danish warehouses. But this area isn’t just about shopping. Within walking distance is Fort Christian, built by the Danish in 1672. By 1917, the U.S. purchased St Thomas, St. John and St. Croix for $25 million – the best bargain for 3 tropical paradise islands!

3.  Outdoor activities. Golf, tennis, and water-sports are in abundance on St. Thomas. Golfing amid the tropical scenery is breathtaking and should not be missed by avid golfers. The aquatic surroundings of St. Thomas are often noted as the world’s most beautiful waters by sailing aficionados, snorkelers, divers, and various publications.

4.  Carnival. For two weeks in April, the entire island lights up with celebrations full of parades, elaborate costumes, and Caribbean music. And if you are visiting at another time, there are numerous fishing and golf tournaments; and art and dance festivals throughout the year. St. Thomas has a celebration for everyone!

5. Pirate for a Day. Visit the 17th century watchtower, Blackbeard’s Castle, and Bluebeard’s Tower to round out your St. Thomas experience. Pirate history abounds on this island. There are numerous tour options for you to become immersed in pirate lore. 

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