Top 8 Tips for Traveling Light

Tired of those pesky check-in luggage fees? How about unexpectedly paying extra for overweight bags? Save $$ and avoid the heavy bag drag by learning how to travel with only the stuff you really need. By packing just the bare essentials, you can focus on your vacation instead of worrying about your luggage. Here are 8 tips to get you on your way!

  1. Dress in layers. As a general rule, try to wear your heaviest wardrobe items so you can avoid carrying them. This will also save room in your suitcase. Consider wearing your jacket and heavier footwear such as tennis shoes or boots. For comfort, stash a pair of light-weight slippers in your carry-on luggage to switch into while on the plane.
  2. Bring multipurpose clothing. Focus on separates that will do double duty for day or night depending on how you mix and match them. A lightweight casual black dress made of soft material can be dressed up or down, serve as a beach cover-up, and do double duty as a nightgown in a pinch.
  3. Plan on doing laundry. Packing lightweight separates you can wash and dry in your hotel room extends your wardrobe dramatically for longer trips. Pack a quart-size Ziplock bag or two of laundry detergent to wash your undergarments or other small pieces of quick dry items.
  4. Coordinate packing with your travel partners. If you’re traveling with your spouse or a friend, you may be able to avoid some duplication. Share your guidebook, reading material, shampoo, or toothpaste.
  5. Get an ebook reader. For many people, books were always the heaviest item and it was difficult to predict if you were bringing enough reading material. Now, with an ebook reader, you can carry as many titles as you want.
  6. Minimize souvenirs and gifts. Digital photos can be easily transformed after you get home into souvenirs such as canvas prints, mugs, or calendars. Online shopping makes it much easier to buy goods from around the world so there’s less need to bring back a bottle of that Texas barbecue sauce your neighbor likes. Send people a postcard instead.
  7. Leave stuff behind. After reading a book or using a guidebook, leave it behind for the next traveler or hotel housekeeper. Many bed and breakfast inns will have a library where you can leave behind a paperback you’ve finished.
  8. Evaluate what you really use. When you get home, take a quick look while you’re unpacking to spot anything that didn’t get used. Make a mental note to leave it out next time.

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