Why use a travel agent?

I’ll be your biggest cheerleader, coach, and guide as you make your transition from empty nester to seasoned traveler.

  1. Professional advice: I’m there to make sure you get the travel experience you want, without surprises and disappointments.
  2. Customer advocacy: If you have a problem with a particular part of your travel experience, I’m there to act on your behalf, anticipate problems before you leave and resolve issues during and after your trip.
  3. Expert guidance: I understand and can decipher the myriad of travel information and codes out there. It’s what I’ve been trained to do every day.
  4. Personalized service: Instead of an impersonal voice or webpage, I get to know you and understand your needs and what you value in your travel experience.
  5. Save time: Instead of checking a long list of travel Web pages, which may or may not provide complete and accurate information, let me cut through the clutter with tools at our fingertips and save you a few hours in front of a computer screen.
  6. Unbiased information: I work for you, my client, not for travel suppliers.  I’m dedicated to make your experience exceptional from beginning to end.  I hope you will keep using my services and tell all your friends.
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Booking with me is super easy.

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Step 3

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I specialize in helping empty nest moms reignite their wanderlust, reenergize their marriages, and reconnect with their kids with transformational Caribbean cruise and all-inclusive resort vacations.

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